Collaboration with Stanford GMP Facility

Collaboration with Stanford GMP Facility

We’re excited to share that we are establishing a collaboration with Stanford GMP Facility: Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine(LCGM) to deploy our robotic systems for cell therapy manufacturing!

Combining LCGM’s unmatched process development expertise with our robotic technology enables cell therapy organizations to run side-by-side comparisons of their current manual processes with the corresponding automated processes. We can’t wait for cell therapy leaders to see what’s possible with automation as we take another step forward to reducing barriers to patient access to cell therapies.

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Automating the cell isolation with GenScript

Automating the cell isolation with GenScript

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with GenScript to automate the cell isolation and enrichment phase of cell therapy manufacturing!

Cell isolation using immunomagnetic beads is a critical industry-standard process in cell therapy manufacturing. However, this task is complex and very time-consuming when done manually. Using our cell therapy robotic cluster and GenScript’s GMP-grade CytoSinct 1000 cell isolation solution, this collaboration will introduce the first fully automated solution for bead-based cell isolation.

By incorporating this technology, cell therapy manufacturers can automate this part of the process without making substantial modifications to their original manufacturing processes. Automation in this deeply time-consuming area of the process will drive significant benefits around efficiency and support the scalability of cell therapies.

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New partnership with Wilson Wolf Manufacturing, LLC

New partnership with Wilson Wolf Manufacturing, LLC

We’ve teamed up with Wilson Wolf Manufacturing, LLC to automate their G-Rex® bioreactors! This partnership is driven by our mutual goal to simplify and reduce costs for cell therapy manufacturing.

G-Rex® bioreactors are already extensively used for cell therapy manufacturing today, which means manufacturers can use the automated G-Rex® bioreactor without substantially changing their existing process. This collaboration takes us one step closer to fully automated cell therapy manufacturing, ultimately reducing barriers to access to these life-saving therapies.