Robots for Capsule manufacturing

Robotic system that manufacture any type of capsular products.

Robotic systems that enable precision medicine

The first robotic system able to manufacture precision capsular dosage forms at industrial scale.

Develop the next-generation drugs with us and our partners

Create advanced dosage forms with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency

Any dosage strength in any API formulation: Powder, granules, or mini tabs.

Fixed or personalized dosages in each compartment.

Some examples:

Powder formulations in any dosage strength.


Granules formulations in any dosage strength.


Beads (L)
Minitablets (C)
Overencapsulated tablets (R).


Any combination of any formulation in multi-compartment capsules.


Up to 4 compartments in each capsule (patented)


See the robotic systems in action

Our technology is already deployed in state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities worldwide. Interested in organizing a visit and exploring how this technology can enable precision medicine at scale?
Reach out.

Manufacturing multiple precision drug products in parallel

Automation is the only way to efficiently manufacture precision drug products at industrial scale.
In our parallel robotic systems, multiple precision drug products are manufactured at the same time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Operated by robots

Every step of the manufacturing process is executed by robotic systems and overseen by validated software. This ensures superior repeatability, and an unprecedented level of in-process quality controls. - Find out more about Digital QC

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